Our Family Tumbleweed

All relations are based from Lupine down.

Lupine Furmen (Patriarch)
- Brandon Turner (Mate)
- Tre Smith (Son)
- Rye (son)
- Alex Turnbow (Calimander) (Son)
- Topaz (Baby Brother)
- Eveningclaw Solarflare​ (Son/Daughter)
- Jaxel Wulf(brother)
- Fluffy (Son)
- Evan (Brother)
- Antuwuan Townsend (Fironex) (Brother) (DECEASED)
\ Gabe (Brother)
/ Jon Jones (Brother)
- Raul Fonseca (Reifiki) (Brother)
- Bailey Furmen (Daughter)
- Steven Tessier (Son)
\- Huckers (Son)
- - Jasker Deisel Wulfy (Granddaughter)
/- Echo Ries (Son-in-Law)
- Ricky Mcconnon (Son)
- Alexis Rose (Daughter)
- Panda Perez (son)
Spirit Silverwind (Brother)
Mark Saionji (Brother)
\ Toru (Brother)
/ Alexander Bazar (Brother)
Filip Gran Reierskog (Brother)
Tor-Arne (Brother)
Bonnie Litman (Sister)
Marquese Cotton (Brother)
Vickie Mercer (Sister)
Nancy Campbell (Astro's IRL Mother)
Jassie Kei Raymond (Clan Daughter)
Max Ellis (Clan Son)
Travis Johnston​ (Jenny)

Ok, I think and hope that this is now accurate.